Mobile Protective Armour Shield [MPAS]

The Mobile Protective Armour Shield is fabricated from DGQA approved armour sheet, mounted on heavy duty castor wheels and is provided with observation cum firing port, enabling security staff to close in and shoot the intruder with NIJ level III protection to his own self. It provides effective protection in actions to be undertaken within buildings and installations. MPAS acts as a cover for security staff to contest and engage terrorists in close quarter battle fearlessly. It can be moved from one place to other with least physical effort and the castor wheels can be locked when required. It is available in two variants.


Variant-1 Variant-2
Size W 27” x H 48” W 39” x H 48”
Mobility 3 Heavy Duty Castor 3 Heavy Duty Castor
Weight 50 ± 5 kg in 500 BHN or 40 ± 5 kg in 600 BHN 70 ± 5 kg in 500 BHN or 60 ± 5 kg in 600 BHN
Protection NIJ Level III NIJ Level III