Hand Held Ballistic Shield (HHBS)

STAR WIRE INDIA LIMINTED STAR WIRE INDIA LIMINTED has developed an unique composite material for Hand Held Ballistic Shield (HBBS).HHBS enables security staff to close in and shoot the intruder with NIJ level III / II+ protection to his own self. It provides effective protection in action while charging into building and /or installation to weed out hiding terrorists / militants and also acts as a cover for security staff to contest and engage terrorists in close quarter battle fearlessly. It can be easily carried from place to place with least physical effort. It is made of composite material consisting of high performance polyethylene and ballistic panel. It can be easily be carried on shoulder with straps and held with handle. Size can be customised.

Ballistic Shield

The HHBS is anArmor Ballistic Shield which provides reliable front protection. It is light to medium weight and ensures high mobility for fast entry.

Standard Featuress

  • It has a carry belt with shoulder pad so that it can be carried carry across the shoulder.
  • It has aluminium ambidextrous handle.
  • The ballistic shield is made of composite material consisting of High performance steel plate with HPPE material
  • The ballistic window, if required, can be provided with bulletproof glass of similar protection
  • LED can be provided in front on any corner as per user requirement.
  • It can be designed in size, colour as per customer requirements.

It has been designed in three variants:

Variants I:
  • Protection - NIJ III. i.e. protection against 7.62 x39mmAK47 (MSC) and 7.62 x51mmNATOball
  • Size : 250 x 450mm
  • Weight : 2.75 Kg
Variants II:
  • Protection - NIJ III+ i.e. protection against 7.62 x39mmAK47 (MSC&HSC) and 7.62 x51mmNATOball
  • Size : 200 x 400mm
  • Weight : 2.75 Kg
  • Shield can take burst fires ofAK47
Variants III:
  • An additional protective cover of the shield provided to avoid damages to shield while storing movement
  • Weight: 16.5 Kgs approx
  • Size: 900 x 500mm
  • Ballistic Coverage area (Strike face) : Minimum 0.35 Sq.Mtr
  • Ambidextrous design to allow for left and right handed usages and weapon mounting and protection cover.
  • Ballistic Shield ergonomically designed for the comfort or user preferably windowless design
  • Shield equipped with neck and fore arm pads to absorb shock from fragments/bullets and pressure wave impact
  • Protection: Shield provide protection against firing from under mentioned ammunitions
    • 7.62x39mm HSC round fired from a distance of 10 mtrs
    • 7.62x51mm round fired from a distance of 10 mtrs
    • 5.56x45mm round fired from a distance of 10 mtrs
  • Straps of Handles: Ballistic shield provide strudy handles on the rear side and adequate straps of ease of carriage
  • Shield can take 03 burst fires ofAK47 of three bullets each.