The innovative Bullet Proof Retrievable Fighting Bunker manufactured by STAR WIRE DEFENSE provides a secure fighting position that has the advantage of being moved from place to place as the battle progresses. It provides the commander with the flexibility to shift location of the fighting/living bunker, according to the tactical requirements.
The bunker affords an excellent field of fire while providing all round protection from small arms fire.
Anumber of bunker can be placed in mutual support to create an impregnable defended area. The bunker is big enough to comfortably accommodate 2-3 people for extended periods of time.

Fabricated with DGQA approved bulletproof steel manufactured by Star Wire India Limited, bunker is built around a skeleton of on heavy duty angle iron clad with standard size bulletproof steel blocks using nuts & bolts technology. The weight of each block varies between 15-35 Kg depending on the design. The interior has one side laminated ply board inner cladding. However, when deployed in cold regions, the ply board inner cladding can be replaced by 40-60 mm PUF to insulate the bunker against low temperatures. Bulletproof steel roof is supported with SRT. It is assessed that the roof can be loaded with required amounts of earth to withstand near direct hit of artillery fire.Acheckered mild steel plate is used for the flooring of the bunker. An untrained team of 4-6 personnel can assemble the bunker in less than 6 hours.


The bunker can be employed in all types of terrain and weather conditions. It can be used as a defensive position in a conventional combat, or be used to secure headquarters and other value targets in high threat environment.


The Model 1 and 2 bunker provides protection against threat levels up to NIJ Level III – i.e. protection against all small arms, whereas Variant 2 protects against HEAT round of Carl Gustav/ RPG/ RL84mmand similar weapons. The bunker has undergone extensive testing and has endured fire assaults in field firing conditions.

Special Characteristics

Model 1
  1. 9'x 7'x 7'. However size can vary as per user's requirement.
  2. Front face has two firing slots while the sidewalls have one each along with shutters.Arm rest is provided with loop holes on the front face. Entry and exit is through a door of 5x3 feet size in the rear.
  3. The front face wall above 2ft from the floor has been given a slope of approx 35-40 degrees to deflect enemy fire and enables the occupant to engage the enemy having reached below the firing loopholes of the bunker.
Model 2
  1. Model 2 has an angled front face to provide extended arc of frontage giving greater flexibilty in observation and lines of fire. A 3 feet covered gallery in the rear provides additional protection to occupants against snow, sand and fire.

Outer Size/ Inner Floor Size 9 x7x7 feet 7 x 7 feet 9 x12x 7 feet 8.5 x 8.5 feet
Time for erection and dismantellingt 5 Hrs 6 Hrs
No of Firing Slots 2 3
Protection NIJ Level III NIJ Level III