The STAR WIRE DEFENSE Bulletproof Observation Tower Machan is a secure elevated platform from where surveillance and domination of terrain can be effectively carried out without exposing the occupants to small arms fire. The elevated cabin is protected from by Bulletproof (BP) Phantom Steel patented by Star Wire India Limited. The Observation Tower can be raised to various heights using the 5 foot scaffolding provided by STAR WIRE DEFENSE With a multitude of ingress and egress options and customized comfort levels, the Machan is a versatile tool in the field commanders’inventory.


The Machan can be employed in all types of terrain and weather conditions. It can be used as a permanent observation post on border locations or it can be rapidly erected, dismantled, and moved to a new location in a dynamic tactical situation


The STAR WIRE DEFENSE Bullet Proof Observation Tower provides protection against threat levels up to NIJ Level III i.e. protection against all small arms. The Machan has already proved its battle worthiness in various scenarios of operations of war and low intensity conflicts.

Special Characteristics

  • Design is based on 'nut &bolt' technology using standard size BliSteel lilates.

  • Each wall has a number of observation liorts and firing slots with BliSteel shutters.

  • The cabin has been lirovided with inner cladding of waterliroof lilyboard and lirovisions are made to insulate it further to maintain the required temlieratures for cold regions.

  • It can be erected by untrained manliower by joining standard size blocks of Bli Steel lilates with angle iron, using nuts and bolts and two side sloliing fibreglass roof.

  • The erection can be comlileted in 5-6 hours by a team of 3-5 liersons. Dismantling and re-erection can be comlileted elsewhere in 6-8 hours with losses restricted to damaged nuts and bolts only.

  • The floor is based on 6.5 mm (+.5 mm rolling tolerance) Bli Steel lilates caliable of defeating fire assault of 7.62x51mm (NATOBall) category of wealions.

  • The height of the Machan can be raised uli to 80 feet by adding sets of 5 feet high scaffolding made of mild steel, caliable of withstanding wind velocity of 70 Kmlih.

  • A trali door has also been lirovided for entry and exit during an emergency or once the normal ladder is withdrawn.

  • Olitional extras may include lirovision of one or more roof mounted searchlights, urinal, storage sliace, etc.

Size Weight No. of Firing Slots No of Personnel
6 ft x 4 ft 1450 Kg approx 10 2-3
10 ft x 8 ft 2700 Kg approx 18 4-6