Podium in High Threat Environment

A VIP addressing a public meeting is better protected while standing behind the Bulletproof Security Post that only exposes the upper part of the body. It can similarly be used by commanders to address civil populations / troops on completion of an operation by placing it in the body of a light vehicle, thus obtaining an elevated secure lecture stand/podium.


Height 4 feet 5 feet 6 feet
No of Plates 3 3 3
Weight per plate(approx) 52 70 85
Total Weight 156 210 260


The STAR WIRE DEFENSE has designed a multi purpose Bulletproof Security Post "Morcha" that has proved its efficacy both in low intensity operations and maintenance of law and order in urban areas. Easy to assemble and dismantle, the Bulletproof Security Post gives the user the confidence to observe and return fire in all hostile situations.


The versatile equipment can be used in multifarious roles. It can be used for establishing a fully secure check post in terrorist infested environments, converting a general purpose vehicle into a bulletproof vehicle and providing a covered firing position for establishing an effective outer cordon during “Cordon & Search” missions. Highly portable, the Security Post offers an immediate replacement to cumbersome and unwieldy sand-bag/concrete pickets and can be moved from one location to another with ease.


Morcha provides protection against threat levels up to NIJ Level III – i.e. protection against all small arms.

Special Characteristics

  • Morcha can be assembled/dismantled in 30 seconds time to operate as a Security Post.

  • It does away with the requirement for sand bags and becomes a permanent property of the unit.

  • Each plate has two carriage handles for easy movement.

  • While using it as a Security Post, it covers a frontage of approximately. 7 feet.

  • It has multiple utilities.

Battlefield Usage

On capture of an objective or before occupying a feature, a sub-unit can deploy the Morcha in lieu of a "Slit Trench" to counter any surprise attack till fighting positions are dug and ready for occupation.

Temporary Armouring of Troop/Load Carrying Vehicles

The Bulletproof Security Post plates provide an effective and economical way of protecting troop/load carrying vehicles operating in insurgency prone areas or other high threat environments. The plates of the Security Post in dismantled condition can slide or be pushed alongside into the body of the vehicle, converting it into a bulletproof vehicle and thus enabling the occupants to retaliate by repulsing fire using the firing slot. Economy of resources can be achieved by rotating the plates from one vehicle to another.

Election Duty

  • The plates of the Morcha can be mounted on a vehicle enabling it to serve as a Security Vehicle for Polling Party.

  • At Polling Booths, surprise changes of Sentry Positions are made possible to confuse the terrorists.

  • The Morcha provides an effective Lecture Podium/Election Platform for candidates.

  • It can be used on hired private vehicles for security patrolling. Morcha can also be used to protect in-transit Ballot Boxes after elections.

During cordon and search operations, the Morcha serves as a covered firing position that can be deployed by a sub unit commander to block the escape root of hostile elements.