With increasing threat to leaders and other important dignitaries, the Bulletproof Podium designed by STAR WIRE DEFENSE provides vital protection while they address public gatherings. The Podium is covered in a wood finish laminate with high quality bulletproof glass on top to ensure that the VIP is protected and yet can inter-relate with his audience.


The Bulletproof Podium can be used to address election gatherings, public meetings and other public speaking events where there is a perceived security risk.


The Bulletproof Podium provides protection against threat levels up to NIJ Level III.

Special Characteristics

  • The Bulletproof Podium consists of three separate bulletproof plates joined together by hinges/bolts.

  • The 40/ 50mm thick bulletproof glass fits into specially provided slots on top of the plates

  • The front of the plates is covered with wood laminate to give it a standard wooden podium look.

  • The Bulletproof Podium is provides with a wooden lectern for microphone and light.

  • The Bulletproof Podium comes in two variants for protection against 7.62 x 39mmand 7.62 x 51mmNATOBall.

  • The entire Bulletproof Podium weighs approximately 350 Kg. However, since the weight is broken down into six distinct parts, it is man portable over short distances and can be erected and dismantled in 8-10 minutes.

  • Each bulletproof plate measures 46” x 27” and is made of Star Wire India Limited patented Phantom Steel.