The Star Wire Defense. Bulletproof Sentry Post is a fortified position fabricated from Bulletproof Phantom Steel manufactured by Star Wire India Limited. The Sentry Post comes in three distinct variants, each suited to a different operational requirement.


The Sentry Post is made of rugged components and can be erected and dismantled in a short time. With multiple observation and firing slots, the Sentry Post gives an unparalleled advantage in controlling and denying access to sensitive installations and facilities.


The Star Wire Defense Bulletproof Sentry Post provides protection against fire assault of small arms of NIJ Level III rating. Model 1 protects from the front and flanks with a bulletproof roof of the same protection level, whereas Models 2 and 3 afford all round protection.


Structure Height Weight(approx) Firing slots
MODEL -1 3 Plates at an angle, 7”X27” and roof 7’ 350 kg 2 Per Plate
MODEL -2 Four walls, each wall with 3 plates, roof plates in inverted ‘V’ ‘MS floor, nut and bolt assembly 7’- 2’ 855 kg 2 Per Wall (except rear)
MODEL -3 Four walls tapering towards the front, each wall with 3 plates, flat roof, MS floor, nut and bolt assembly 7’- 3’ 1012 kg 1 Per Plate (except rear)