Insurgency is a major threat to the unity and territorial integrity of the nation today. Insurgents are resorting to sustained guerilla warfare to destabilize the nation. To weed out these anti-national elements, there is a need for quick and effective response system. Star Wire India Ltd. has the solution. Star Wire India Ltd. (SWIL), Plant is located at Ballabgarh, Haryana, which is nearly 30 KM away from Delhi metropolitan city. SWIL is engaged in the manufacture of various types of Steels including armour steel for Defence Sector which is used to fabricate various defence products and armoring of vehicles. We also have the capability to per-fabricate the necessary components for any vehicle and assemble the components through a well-trained team of technicians in the place / country of the customer's choosing.

Vehicles fabricated by SWIL are protected by, in house developed, ballistic steel which can withstand heavy fire assaults from designated class of weapons without losing their integrity and endangering the protected person. While creating a safe zone inside the vehicle, special emphasis is paid to aspects of armor overlaps and bullet splash guard protection, reinforcement of door pillars and replacement heavy duty hinges and precise cutting and joining of ballistic steel. We use best quality ballistic glass to ensure visual clarity. Protected vehicles are provided with potholes to facilitate return fire. We offer customized level of protection using various thickness and hardness of ballistic steel and up scaling of other parameters.

Armouring of Personal Vehicle/Cash Van

There are many personalities and dignitaries who face threat from undesired elements hence requires personal protection and likes to get their personal vehicles bullet proofed. A key element of good security is keeping a low-profile and avoiding undue attention. Having a entourage of guards toting.
Weapons and a convoy of vehicles says only one thing – “I' MATARGET”. Years of experience have proven that quality-built, low-profile passenger vehicles will always provide the best protection possible

For clients looking to escape or avoid a kidnapping attempt or terrorist attack. Through a specialized armouring process whereby the armour is literally retrofitted beneath the interior skin of the vehicle. Similarly, transporting cash and valuables whether in the urban jungle or across cities requires the highest security from all sides – bullet proof steel and glass ensure your precious cargo remains secure. SWIL provides solution to these requirements.


SWIL can build a protected carrier on any chassis desired / provided by the user which can move troops
Efficiently and safely from place to place during counter insurgency Operations

Run Flay Tyre(optional Feature)

The Run Flat Tire system enables the vehicle to move on, in spite of flat tires or hostile small arms fire hitting one more wheels. The Run flat system ensures that troops move on out of the danger area without stopping.

Anti-Explosion Material

  • Prevents explosion or violent fire in the fuel tank, even when hit by a Bullet.

  • Works on the principle that by dissipating heat faster than building it up, the container never reaches flashpoint.

  • The material occupies only 1.7% volume in a full tank. Being wear-free. It maintains its capability perpetually. It also negates the 'slosh' effect in the tank.

  • Prevents corrosion in fuel tank through electrolysis

  • Even when fuel tank is punctured, fuel does not flow out tartly.

  • Welding repair can be done with fuel drainage.

  • Material used is tested & certified by world renowned laboratories & defence laboratories in India and abroad.