The Bulletproof Combat Helmet manufactured by Star Wire Defense. is a comfortable, combat proven headgear that protects the wearer from 9mm fire, splinters, fragments and head injuries. The Bulletproof Helmet comes in various sizes and colours to suit the users’ requirement.


The Bulletproof Helmet can be employed by frontline Combat Forces, Para Military and Police Forces, Riot Control Forces and similar troops when deployed in Internal Security duties in all types of weather conditions. It provides effective protection for the ear and neck portions without impairing the hearing.


The Bulletproof Helmet stops single and burst fire of 9mm SMC at 5 meters and prevents head injuries by defeating the effect of grenade shrapnel and splinters. It provides ballistic resistance with V50 ballistic limit value for not less than 450 m/sec from 17grain FSP (Fragment Simulating Projectile). The design ensures ricochet of bullets striking from any angle thereby reducing trauma.

Special Characteristics

Ergonomy:The Bulletproof Helmet has a 3 or 4 point chin strap with chin cup. It does not cause any undue discomfort even after prolonged wear by an individual.

Finishing:Crinkle, non reflective matt finish in olive green shade. However, the helmet can also be provided in colour as per the users' choice The inner lining/harness of the helmet is capable of moisture/sweat absorption. The minimum gap between the harness and surface is 13mm.

Climate Condition:The Bulletproof Helmet is able to withstand repeated and sustained exposure to varied climatic conditions – from 50 degrees celsius below zero to 50 degrees celsius and relative humidity up to + 80%.

Use of Optical Instruments:The design of the helmet is such that it does not obstruct the use of binoculars, (day and night) optical sights fitted on weapons, range finders and artillery optical instruments like director, etc.

Communication Equipment:Helmet does not hinder the use of hand-held radio equipment. The design permits the use of earphones, throat mike and head phones.

Size & Weight: Helmets are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large having maximum weight of 1.4 kg approximately.

Trauma Attenuation: The deformation depth at the striking point does not exceed 1.3 cm.